Solar Car Parks

Powershade is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mass Energy Australia and was developed as a product to allow businesses to maximise their access to solar power when roof space was not suitable or simply not available. As commercial solar becomes the most cost effective solution to reducing power bills, Mass Energy’s Powershade system not only increases your available roof space for solar panel installation, it also assists in customer retention and employee satisfaction. Applications are endless, with businesses such as Golf Courses, Sporting Clubs, RSL, Shopping Centres and Commercial Car Parks just to name a few, all benefit from the addition of a shade structure that offsets or in some cases removes the requirement for high priced electricity.

Powershade 200D  178.4kW

Powershade 200D 178.4kW

NationWIDE Installation

Mass Energy has a team of construction specialists we deploy across Australia to ensure we deliver consistent quality to all corners of the country, no matter how remote. With inhouse logistics and construction equipment enabling us to deliver at scale and pace, ensuring you meet customer expectations. With flexible skilled labour onsite we can also adapt to assist your installation requirements with additional trenching, make good, general construction or sub contracted labour as needed.

Exposed Panel

Exposed Panel


Our Standard installation shows your customers exactly what your made of, with panels on display fitting in neatly with your fully galvanised structure. While not completely weather proof it provides full shade with a small amount of weather ingress through panel gaps. Lighting is provided to Australian Outdoor Standards using tamper proof fittings and painted safety bollards are included in ground mount structures.

Under cladding & drainage

Under cladding & drainage


Premium delivers a weather proof structure in a Colorbond colour of your choice. With water management catered for and the option of water harvesting if required the structure can compliment any facility. Inverters can be pole mounted or placed remotely in the facility and the steel columns and rafters can be painted to match if required. Advertising can be integrated into the under cladding and of course optional charging stations are available.