Procurement to Project

Mass Energy’s Logistics service can be be engaged to manage all your transport needs, including the distribution of racking, panels and ancillary components onsite. Our experience in solar farms and large scale roof top installations has highlighted the need for reliable delivery and access to product when deploying a large team onsite. We now offer transport and logistics outside of our construction services to industry. With fully insured deliveries to the drop point, ensuring all your organisation has to concentrate on is project installation and commissioning without concerning yourself with goods being damaged or delayed.

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One of the keys to successful commercial solar installations is managing the supply chain. Damage or late delivery is costly and an administrative burden, Mass Energy can help you avoid this with a time stamped tracked delivery service.


Site Distribution

Medium to large scale projects have site logistics to consider and Mass Energy take transport to the next level by offering this service. We can work with your site layout and programme to ensure the product is placed at the point of use, minimising site handling and reducing installation times.

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Trenching & Grading

Trenching and grading can be packaged with your transport requirements as equipment can be back loaded with your goods. Mass can evaluate your trenching and grading requirements for electrical conduit or panel and racking layout to minimise onsite trades.